Check out our full list of log home cabin kit plans below. If there’s something here that interests you, please contact us. We would be happy to talk you through why our hand crafted log homes are affordable and can be shipped anywhere in the world at a reasonable rate. Thanks for checking in.

America’s Pride
Plan A-1
Kiwi Retreat
Plan A-2
Alpine Meadow
Plan A-3
Plan A-4
Plan A-5
Country Living
Plan A-6
World United
Plan A-7
Plan A-8
Bonds of Friendship
Plan A-9
Top of the World
Plan A-10
Plan A-11
Plan A-12
Autumn Ridge Log Home Plan
Plan A-13
Little Pioneer
Plan A-14
In The Garden Log Home Plan
Plan A-16
Jewel of the Forest Log Home
Plan A-21
Hidden Gem
Plan A-22

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