Benefits of Log Home Construction

  • Structural integrity. To this day we see old log homesteads still standing intact in the wilderness.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. Log homes are nature at its best. You’ll feel at peace with nature in your ‘living home’.
  • Always in fashion. Log homes today continue over 400 years of tradition in look & style.
  • Environmentally friendly. There is much less use of prefabricated products in log homes as compared to conventional homes.
  • Natural insulation. Air cells in the wood fibre provide one of the best forms of insulation from either heat or cold. Log homes are very cool in summer and very warm in winter.
  • Low maintenance. A home built with treated logs will offer you weather-proofing unmatched by any other natural material. Log homes retain their beauty through all seasons, which leaves you lots of time to enjoy living in your ‘living home’.
  • Excellent resale value!

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