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Handcrafted Log Home Styles: Post & Beam Log Home

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Handcrafted Log Home Styles: Post & Beam Log Home

Timber Frame homes combine the beauty of wood with the functionality of drywall interior walls. Timber Frame and Post & Beam Construction are similar to Log Homes in that a “timber package” is milled at a remote location then assembled on your job site. Typically this Timber Frame is the “skeleton” of the home.

Some companies build with traditional framing and insulation between the exposed beams. Woodhouse The Timber Frame Company uses very energy efficient SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panels) between the beams to ensure a Energy Efficient comfortable home.

The common element of a Timber Frame or Post & Beam home are high ceilings, open floor plans, and extensive windows to capture views and natural light. Traditional timber framing is the method of creating structures using heavy squared-off and carefully fitted and joined timbers with joints secured by large wooden pegs (larger versions of the mortise and tenon joints in furniture). The method comes from making things out of logs and tree trunks without modern high tech saws to cut lumber from the starting material stock. Hewing with broad-axes, adzes, and draw knives and using hand-powered braces and augers (brace and bit) and other laborious woodworking, artisans or framers could gradually assemble a building capable of bearing heavy weight without excessive use of interior space.

Today there is increased precision by using a combination of hand crafting and machinery in the manufacture process. Wood in a Post & Beam structure can be square dimensional new lumber in a variety of species including Eastern Pine, Cedar, Fir and Oak..  This choice will be determined by both budget and visual impression desired.

Canada Log Homes has an amazing and talented staff who hand craft your custom home. Check out our Log Home Plans book to get some ideas on what style of custom hand crafted home you would like to build.  This architectural investment will be applied to the purchase of your Timber Package.

See a sample of our floor plans here, or contact us to see more.

Check out our Log Home Plans


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