Watch our SHOWCASE LOG HOME being built from start to finish:

Living in a strong, cozy, and beautifully handcrafted log home is a dream for many who yearn for something better. A better place to raise a family or create a get-away closer to nature. A natural place to really be able to unwind, enjoy the fruits of one’s labour and enjoy a simpler life. So it was also for our own Shane Kutzer (our service manager) and family, whose new home (Plan B1, “Feels Like Home”) is now being constructed and will be shared here as a HOW-TO example, right here before your eyes.

The following photos will show the progression of Shane’s new log home from the earliest raw location views, to full completion. Over time, we will expand this area to make it a more comprehensive customer resource, showing best practices and offering the easy time saving solutions you need to know about during your building process. We look forward to answering your questions and offering timely guidance, each step along your projects journey.

First Phase

  • clearing
  • first steps
  • approval

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