Hand Crafted Process for Log Home Construction

In a hand crafted process for log home construction, the log is still a natural cedar log, the only alteration that happens is the removal of the outer bark and part or all of the “cambium” or inner bark layer. The uniqueness and character of each log remains. It’s still visible and highlighted in the finish hand crafted log home.

Logs that have been altered from their natural profile are “joined” in a process that involves the custom hand-fitting of each of the homes components to ensure best fit. A good example of this would be a “hewn” log wall profile, where the logs have been flattened on their sides, and then either scribed or chinked together. This process involves scribing interlocking notches, or perhaps incorporated into a pièce en pièce system of log work.

The machined or milled log home is a mechanically profiled log. In this process the logs are milled to fit and designed to be identical in dimension to every other piece in the building. It is no longer a “log”, but a factory run piece of lumber that ”used to be” a log.

This highlights the aesthetic advantage of a handcrafted log building. A hand crafted log home is is unique and distinctly different from every other – creating a home that is ultimately a work of art every time.

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